I Believe [DVD] (Signed)


Mark Allen Stuart/Michale Graves Signed “I Believe”(DVD)

Based on the song “I Believe” the Hydraulic Entertainment crew has created a short film DVD written and directed by Mark Allen Stuart and starring Michale Graves. The story following Michale’s character Vaughn who is a part time researcher of the unexplained. The short film features fiction based actual interviewers who people who have encountered creatures like Bigfoot, The Skunk Ape, UFO’s, and aliens. There is even an interview that portends to provide evidence of actual time travel. The story begins with Vaughn watching stories of the improbable – and concludes with Vaughn being a participant in one of those mysterious stories. The DVD has been signed by Michale and Mark. This is a very limited release!
Included on the DVD:

  • A Black/White version
  • A Color version
  • Audio commentary by Mark and Michale
  • Bloopers
  • The lost Crypto- Zoological interview 0001


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