Michale Graves - Trilogy
Michale Graves - Trilogy

Michale Graves – Trilogy [Signed and Numbered CD] + Guitar Pick set


Michael created perhaps his most memorable single when he wrote “Crying on Saturday Night” – one of those “where were you when you first heard it” songs and an anthem of a generation. When creating the album “When Worlds Collide” Mark and Michale came up with a tall challenge – create a sequel to that memorable song. After many iterations the ideal song was create and “Dying on Sunday Morning” was born. When the acoustic version of the song was written Michale further evolved the story by creating the song “Feels Like I am Dying” – highlighted by an incredible piano score.

To date the 3 songs in the “Trilogy” have been offered on 3 separate CD’s. The “Trilogy” CD” is being offered with 3 songs all on 1 ultra-limited CD.


Each CD will be signed and numbered by Michale and will come with a “Trilogy” Guitar Pick. Each pick will be correspondingly numbered to match the number of CD.

This is a very special one-time set – we will not be duplicating more of this set after the 50 sets are sold!

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