Michale GravesWhen World's Collide - Demos [SIGNED]

Michale Graves – When World’s Collide – Demos [SIGNED]


This is a rare view into the creative process at Hydraulic Entertainment. This SIGNED CD contains the first ever demo takes of 10 of the songs from “When Worlds Collide”. There are 11 songs on the CD – The title tracks has 2 versions – instrumental only and a version with vocals (vox). Tracks on the CD are very early versions with different rhythm, melody and in some cases very different lyrics as well. Very limited quantities available. Song order is as follows and yes – the third song has incorrect upper/lower case letters – just as it had on the first demo wav file.


  • When Worlds Collide V1 (no vox)
  • Bedlam
  • Diabolical/li>
  • Things To Come
  • Dying On Sunday Morning
  • 3 Days ‘Til Dawn
  • Robot Monster
  • The Face Behind the Mask
  • Old Dark House
  • When Worlds Collide V2 (vox)

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