We Live Music

Hydraulic Entertainment lives for music. Our Music Group is managed by Michale Graves – song writer, producer, performer, artist, business person and current lead singer for the group Michale Graves.

Hydraulic Entertainment produces music that ranges from folk rock to horror punk and explore new talent, new means of distribution and new music vistas.


The new acoustic CD that Michale has created as a next step in the musical journey that he began with “Vagabond Acoustic” and followed with “Wanderer Acoustic” Download the lyrics HERE.

When Worlds Collide

This is the new full band album from Michale Graves. A sequel to Michale’s bestselling project “Lost Skeleton Returns” originally released in 2013.

Endless Sleep

Michael Graves teams up with the Zombiesuckers on this track on their album "From Ashes".


"Bedlam" is the acoustic version of the full band "When Worlds Collide" release. Performing these songs acoustically creates a completely different experience for each song. Including an added a new take on "Dying on Sunday Morning" with the song "Feels Like I'm Dying".

Monsters in the Closet

Michale Graves features on the track "Eternal Evil" on this Night of Samhain album.

Revenge of the Zombies

Based on the full band "Zombies Unite" CD, Michale Graves and Michael Shaforostov have come together to create an Acoustic Monsterpiece.


Combining the greatest hits from the "Vagabond" and "Wanderer" full band releases "Drifter" is Michale's first ever solo vinyl

East Versus West

Michael Grave features on this song by No Buffer..

Zombies Unite

Michale and Nights of Samhain


The follow-up to Michale's sold out album “Vagabond” features 11 new songs that underscore Michale’s incredible vocal range. The album is highlighted by traditional rock, rockabilly and folk rock influences.

Wanderer Acoustic

“Wanderer Acoustic” follows in the tradition of the “Vagabond” and Vagabond Acoustic” by creating a very unique album featuring the hit songs from the full band “Wanderer” album – performed acoustically by Michale Graves.

Supernatural Instrumentals

Instrumental versions of the songs appearing on the rock acoustic album "Supernatural".


Supernatural represents a first in the horror music genre; monster rock played acoustically. Featuring original songs and rearranged favorites from Lost Skeleton Returns, Supernatural proves the innovation and originality that Michale Graves and Hydraulic Entertainment are becoming synonymous with.

Lost Skeleton Instrumental

Now an extremely rare and sought after collectible, Lost Skeleton Returns Instrumental provides fans with the rare opportunity to hear Michale Graves’ music sans his powerful vocals. Each track on the album is preceded by an inside look at the creation of each track narrated by Michale himself.

Lost Skeleton Returns

Lost Skeleton Returns represents a career overview of a true legend in the horror rock genre as Michale Graves offers not only newly recorded versions of the Misfits songs he made famous, but also favorites from his solo career and all new songs as well! A must have release for every horror rock fan.


Michale Graves’ Hydraulic Entertainment debut is also his first major release since 2008. Vagabond contains 12 incredible tracks each offering powerful songs recorded in Michale’s raw, emotional signature style!