Michale GravesWhen Worlds Collide[SIGNED]
Michale Graves – When Worlds Collide [SIGNED]
April 28, 2016
Michale GravesBedlam
Michale Graves – Bedlam
May 14, 2016
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Michale Graves – Bedlam [SIGNED]


This is a signed copy of “Bedlam” – the acoustic version of the full band “When Worlds Collide” release. Performing these songs acoustically creates a completely different experience for each song. 10 of the songs were included on “When Worlds Collide” but we also have added a new take on “Dying on Sunday Morning” with the song “Feels Like I'm Dying” This is a truly haunting and emotion filled song.


  • When Worlds Collide
  • 3 Days ‘til Dawn
  • Things to Come
  • The Face Behind the Mask
  • The Beginning of the End
  • Robot Monster
  • Old Dark House
  • I Walk with a Zombie
  • Feels Like I'm Dying
  • Diabolical
  • Bedlam

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