Michale Graves – The Legacy Collection: Demos & Live Cuts – Volume 2 [Digital Download]
October 1, 2016
Universal Monsters feat Michale Graves – Bride of the Monster [Digital Download]
October 14, 2016
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Michale Graves – The Legacy Collection: Demos & Live Cuts – Volume 1 [Digital Download]


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This album was originally had a limited release in 2007 and hasn’t been available since. It includes a collection of demo’s pre-production drafts and live out takes from Michale’s performance at CBGB’s in New York City.

Commenting on this release Michale says “I have always found it intriguing when artists release demos. To me it seems to pull away some of the polish and give the listener the opportunity to hear the songs in a more infantile form. As a musician and an artist, it is especially cool to hear the demos and preproduction drafts of artists I admire because it pulls the curtain back and showcases the song and the musician on a level I can relate to. I do a lot of creating and recording right here in my office/studio/closet. I know a lot of my fans do to”.


  • Almost Home (Octopod Studio Demo – Melancholy Mix)
  • Creepy Crawly (Octopod Studio Demo – Mopes Mix)
  • Dead Beat (Octopod Studio Demo – Psycho Mix)
  • Lucifer, I Am (Demo)
  • Frostbite (Demo)
  • I Like To Watch Them
  • Shoelace (Original Demo)
  • Dig Up Her Bones / Crying On Saturday Night (Live CBGB ’06)
  • Almost Home (Live Acoustic CBGB ’06)
  • Blackbird (Original Demo)
  • Thousand Cracks Of Daylight
  • The Blackness and the Forest


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