Michale Graves – The Legacy Collection: Halifax – Live at the Musicroom [Digital Download]
October 1, 2016
Michale Graves – The Legacy Collection: Demos & Live Cuts – Volume 1 [Digital Download]
October 1, 2016
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Michale Graves – The Legacy Collection: Demos & Live Cuts – Volume 3 [Digital Download]


This item is a digital download only.

This is a collection of original 8 track demos taken from the writing sessions I was doing in 1998 while writing for Famous Monsters.  Some of the songs found there way to that album, while the remaining were used for the Web Of Dharma album.  It’s fun to hear the beginning of Crying On A Saturday Night with the eerie feed back, the pop of the compressor and “…I told you everything I know”.

The very first version of Tell Me is so fantastic.  It was salvaged from an old tape so it only comes through one speaker.  I should fix that.  But the version is great because the tempo is so perfect and you can almost here the sound of the saxophones that I wish were in there. This tune was supposed to be a little bit Ramones, a little bit Springsteen and a lot Graves.

OMG and Ground Zero NYC!  This song tells the tale of the deranged circus leader who travels the planet in search of and capturing the wonders of the world.  One night his monsters are particularly hungry and extra special measures are needed to feed them. “They’re running down the local mortuary, fresh dead just won’t due”. While leading the events our character runs into his soul mate. “That’s when I met you…”  The plans are hatched to set-up there main attraction and headquarter themselves in good ol’ NYC.  At the time I thought it would make a great video!  It would probably cost 4 million dollars. Maybe a premonition to us meeting…!!!! LOL…I think this is our story. It’s too bad everyones mind goes to 911 when they hear the title.

  • Some of these songs were released physically in 1999-2000 as part of a mail order campaign. There were approximately 40 sold.
  • Digital release on MG.NET in 2008


  • Spiderman Save Me
  • Ground Zero NYC
  • Tell Me
  • Ophelia
  • Wasting
  • Numb
  • One Million Light Years From Her
  • Iridescent White Light
  • Crying On Saturday Night
  • Morte D’Amore
  • Fiend Club


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