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Michale Graves “Trilogy” [Signed]
September 3, 2018
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May 16, 2019
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Zombie [DVD] (Signed)


This is the original “Zombie” short film based on the “Zombie” song featured in our 2013 release of the “Lost Skeleton Returns” CD. Written and Directed by Mark Allen Stuart and starring Michale Graves. This is the first in what has become known as the Thrilogy short film series – first came “Zombie” then “Half Human” and “Zombies” rounded out the Thrill-ogy.

The story follows Michale Graves – a devoted researcher and associate of celebrity paranormal researcher Hector Greencorn (this was Hector’s film debut) as he investigates the frightening Lake Marsh facility.  There is something very wrong at the facility – there is a rumor that the governments most notorious scientist – Dr. Stephen Heddison –  is conducting some sort of…. well…experiments at Lake Marsh and it is Michale’s job to determine what is really going on there.

This DVD was originally release in 2013 and we are now re-releasing it for the first time since the 2013 release. We have created new DVD clam-shell packaging for this release (the original was release in a thin printed paper sleeve).

This DVD is signed by Michale Graves

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