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What We Are

The Film/Video Group creates and produces independent properties that support our unique brand and sensibility. Finding its roots in early thriller, sci-fi and horror movies and TV, Hydraulic entertainments’ Film/Video Group creates memorable film experiences with repeat viewing always in our mind. .

Some call our point of view” cult”, some call in “genre” – we call it Hydraulic Entertainment.


This short started the Stuart/Graves movie tradition. This is a frightening story of field research Michale Graves and his investigation of the Lake March Facility – rumored to be the home of more than just legitimate military experiments. What’s really going on at Lake Marsh? Hosted by the queen of horror – Skel-pira. Starring Michale Graves, celebrity paranormal investigator Hector Greencorn , Mark Allen Stuart and Skel-pira herself.

Half Human

Following on the heels of “Zombie”, comes “Half Human”, starring Michale Graves with script and direction by Hydraulic Entertainment CEO Mark Allen Stuart! “Half Human” continues the adventures of Michale Graves as he joins world famous paranormal researcher Hector Greencorn and his Paranormal Institute of Advanced Studies, in the investigation of an abandoned state hospital. What happens next has to be seen to be believed.


This is the new short film written and directed by Mark Allen Stuart and starring Michale Graves. First there was “Zombies” and then there was “Half Human”. Now with “Zombies” the undead thrillogy is complete. Shot on location is Old Salem New Jersey and Rostov Russia – this film tells the tale of what really happened to mankind……when the space probe came back from Callisto...


The story chronicles traveling entertainer Michale, on the road again – having to deal with the loneliness and emptiness of touring. As he enters the next town he decides to take a walk and see the city. What he finds during that walk will change his life forever…

The Lost Skeleton Returns Again

Tremble in fear as “The Lost Skeleton Returns Again!” in Larry Blamire’s follow up to The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra; the fan favorite throwback to the Drive-Ins and Double Features of the 1950’s! Featuring all of your favorite characters from the first film (except the ones that died…but fret not, the actor’s that played them are back in new roles!), “The Lost Skeleton Returns Again!” once more takes us to an age when men were brave (and scientists), women were beautiful, and monsters were…well they were monsters; that never changes!