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Mark Allen Stuart

Chairman and CEO

Mark Allen Stuart, Chairman and CEO of Hydraulic Entertainment, is a long time collector, fan and producer of music, film and video and appreciator of the eclectic. Mark is also business schizophrenic and industry agnostic – having worked with over 100 companies in 30 different industries in his 27 years of business – but his ultimate business passion is entertainment. During his career, Mark has been given the privileged of experience and the gift of being associated with inspired people throughout his career. He has been an officer in 4 publicly held companies including serving as head of Studio Relations for Blockbuster Entertainment during the company’s explosive growth stage. During this tenure at Blockbuster Mark was responsible in managing over $3 billion dollars of expenditures with major and independent studios. Mark was also the CEO of ChannelSpace Entertainment and The Collecting Channel where he gained exposure in prime time TV and radio production and sector marketing. A corporate intrapreneur and private entrepreneur, Mark’s experience ranges from start-up ideas to taking companies public. He has formed several businesses of his own, including his Strategic Planning Company The Stuart Group in addition to producing Larry Blamires’ feature film “Lost Skeleton Returns Again”.

Trish Geiger

Vice President of Film/Video Production and Promotion

Trish Geiger is a multi-faceted, award winning actress, director and producer. As an actress she is most notably known for the roles she plays in Larry Blamire's films, Trail of the Screaming Forehead, The Lost Skeleton Returns Again and Dark & Stormy Night, which she also produced. It was while working on the behind scenes footage for Dark & Stormy Night that Trish met Bob Burns. (He played the Gorilla.) Fellow actor, Frank Dietz, arranged for Trish to interview Bob at his home. She had no idea that Bob had a basement full of movie props! Including the original King Kong amateur! Trish immediately fell in love with Bob, his wife, Kathy and all their toys! She asked Frank to help her make a documentary about the couple. Frank and Trish formed Benevolent Monster Productions and a year later Beast Wishes - The Fantastic World of Bob and Kathy Burns was born. It went on to win multiple "Best Documentary" awards.

Larry Blamire

Senior Vice President & Managing Director of the Film Group

Larry, an award winning triple threat talent – writing, acting, directing – and guides the film production and distribution Group within Hydraulic Entertainment. In addition to being the head of his own production company, Bantam Street, Larry has written and directed many acclaimed plays, as well as writing, acting in and directing several feature films including The “Lost Skeleton of Cadavra”, “Trail of the Screaming Forehead”, “The Lost Skeleton Returns Again” and “Dark and Stormy Night” with a world-wide fanbase and following. He has written and directed the highly praised “Tales from the Pub” online video anthology, and is an author of western horror stories collected in “Tales of the Callamo Mountains.” An accomplished artist, he’s currently working on an remarkable steampunk concept Steam Wars.

David Graves

Director of Video Post Production

David is a true artist. He has an uncanny ability to take raw footage and create masterful stories – in the way the original writer intended. He has managed the post production for most of Hydraulic Entertainments video work including the short films “Half Human”, “Zombies”, ”Wanderer”, “Ripper” as well as the music videos for “Zombies”, “Forbidden Planet”, “Last Man on Earth”, “Night of the Living Dead”.

Tony Hilton

Vice President and General Council

Tony, a practicing attorney, serves as Hydraulic Entertainments Chief Council managing all legal and contractual aspects of the business. Tony began his career within the entertainment field with Spartan Cable and is founder and In House Council for Ice Innovative Technologies. Additionally, Tony has managed capital raise activities within the independent film channel and is driven by a devoted passion for film, comics and graphic novels.

Dmitry Returns

Director of Music Engineering

Bio is raising from the grave…

Damon Baldecchi

Director of Field Operations

An original member of the Vicious Hell Bastards since 1986, Damon is accustomed to malignant situations where fending for himself cultivated an independent personality. He brings a unique skill set to the entertainment industry, utilizing many abilities acquired in previous adverse occupations. As Director of Field Operations, Damon’s responsibility is to ensure that all necessary obligations are fulfilled, regardless of any obstacles that arise. Having been a long time fan of Michale Graves, Damon finds it deeply gratifying to work with someone whose lyrics and creativity has inspired his own. Damon’s hobbies include skulls, altars & needlepoint.