Dark & Stormy Night – Special Edition Blu-Ray
May 20, 2020
Dark & Stormy Night Blu-Ray and Cavinder Trading Card Set with Original Artwork
May 20, 2020
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SIGNED! Dark & Stormy Night – Special Edition Blu-Ray

This is it – the Dark and Stormy Night Blu-Ray SIGNED BY Writer/Director/Star Larry Blamire:

Friends, family, and questionable strangers gather for the reading of Sinas Cavinder’s will, even as the dreaded Cavinder Strangler roams the moors outside and 300-year-old witch Sarah Cavinder has vowed to return from the grave that very night — oh, and an escaped lunatic is in the area … But there will be snacks…

Included on the new special edition Blu-Ray:

  • Newly remastered Region Free Black and White Dark and Stormy Night feature in HD + Surround Sound
  • Commentary track with Larry Blamire and cast
  • A full-color version of Dark and Stormy Nightin SD – first ever in Region Free format
  • A newly created Old Dark House-inspired Reanimated Movie Classic short film featurette titled Curse of The Droptraus
  • Another newly created Reanimated Movie Classic titled The Girl in the Clock
  • The original film release trailer


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Signed by Larry Blamire, Unsigned